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Real Estate Auction Items

Here are a few of our favorite upcoming auction items

About REAL ESTATE provides live streaming auction services for all types of real estate transactions - from residential to commercial properties.

Have a real estate property you want to sell? Or are you looking to purchase a new home, make an investment in a commercial property or even purchase your first plot of land? BNO is the only auction website in the world that provides an exciting live auctioneer and interactive bidding platform all streamed online, helping connect buyers and sellers in real time.
Note: We favor working with brokers (both listing brokers and buyers’ brokers) as our first choice. We do not participate in any brokerage commissions.
Why Auction with BNO?

  • Zero cost to seller
  • Only 2% buyer premium
  • Large advertising budget and targeted marketing included
  • Quick close of transactions
  • Limit potential downside by setting reserve and using our proprietary online tools

With our real time Bid Ticker platform, we are able to eliminate the time and costs of lengthy negotiations that occur in the traditional real estate sales process. This allows BNO to keep fees as low as possible and ensures that buyers and sellers come together in a transparent manner.

All of our auctioneers are masters at generating enthusiasm and excitement during the bidding process, which translates into an exciting user experience, great entertainment, and a great show. They know precisely how to identify and unite the ideal property buyer and real estate seller while conducting a fast-paced auction, all presented online in real time.

Both bidders and sellers can appreciate BNO's auction process that makes it easy, effective, and affordable for all participants looking to buy or sell property. 

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What type of Real Estate does BNO service?

Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Multi-family, Land, Foreclosures and more.


There's no place like home, and there's no better place to sell or bid on a single-unit family home than BNO's Residential Real Estate Auctions. Be our guest!


Are you the kind of person who bids on or sells multi-family real estate complexes? Then you're our kind of person because we're specialists in multi-family real estate auctions! Is today your lucky day or what!?


Does buying or selling offices, warehouses, retail stores and strip malls make your heart skip a beat? Then you'll fall in love with BNO's Commercial & Industrial Real Estate Auctions! It's not just fine properties - it's an adventure!


"Land, ho!" is what sailors said when they finally spotted land across the sea. You'll say, "Land, BNO!" when you spot the tremendous bidding and selling opportunities for empty lots and plots of land we offer. (Sailor uniform extra.)


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To view our exciting live auctions on, simply sign up for a free account. Now the fun begins!

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We will provide photos, videos and item descriptions for review prior to all our auctions. View our Schedule of Upcoming Live Auctions to find items that interest you. Register for the auction you want in order to receive email updates on auction items as well as calendar reminders.

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Visit on the day and time of the auction. Log in to your account and place bids during the auction in real time.


If you are the winner of the auction's item on which you bid, BNO will email you a Winning Bidder Confirmation Certificate and connect you with the seller. Work out payment and transaction details with the seller directly. Collect or receive your items. Enjoy!


To view our exciting live auctions on, simply sign up for a free account and agree to our Terms of Service. Now the fun begins!

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Log in to and click on your name, which will then take you to the Welcome page. Under the Selling category on the left, click the List an Item link. Fill in all the required information on the Details, Location & Information, Documents and Images pages.

SELL DURING A BNO.COM AUCTION will hold a live streaming interactive auction to sell your item. Once your item is sold, we will provide you with instructions on completing the transaction.

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