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Bidding at a auction is simple, easy and FREE!

All you have to do is create an account (Click here)

Once you are logged into your account, Bids can be placed any item prior to the actual Live Streamed Auction as a Pre-Bid and then also during the Live Streamed Auction as a Live Bid. All Bids are accepted during the Live Streamed Auction to determine the winning bidder.


How to Place Your Bids During a Live Streamed Auction


Live Streamed Auctions take place nearly every day on

Bidding during a live auction is simple, easy and of course FREE!

To bid during a live auction visit and join the auction in progress. 

Once the auction starts, you'll see our live auctioneer and the Bid Ticker.

The Bid Ticker

BNO’s Bid Ticker, our version of the stock market ticker, is a kind of magic brain that keeps track of who has bid how much, and gives bidders and sellers a transparent overview of each auction. Our Bid Ticker scroll bar provides a continuous list of all bids placed on a single item. It also highlights the current bid, next bid and reserve status, giving the bidder complete control over their bids.

It gives both the bidder and the seller all the information you would expect to receive at a brick and mortar auction—but from the comfort of your home or from whatever device you’re using to access our site. How do we do it? Magic! Check out some of our very cool and unique features below.


Color Code for the Bid Now Button

The Bid Button will communicate to you everything you need to know about where you stand in the auction. Yes, it is a very smart button; we suspect it has an advanced degree. Here’s a simple color guide:

For Experienced Bidders

BNO’s Pro Auction Tools & Auto Bidding

For the experienced bidders and sellers, BNO has created a suite of pro auction tools to maximize your auction experience and fully replicate the experience of a live auction over the internet. 

Pro Auction Tools/Bid Jumper

For experienced bidders who want to crush the competition, BNO has a “Bid Jumper” feature that allows you to skip ahead in bid increments and scare off competing bidders. 

To access this tool, click on the “Pro-Auction Tools” button located on your Bid Ticker. Utilize the bid jumper tool to increase your bid in multiple increments. 

This feature allows the bidder to jump ahead of the game if they wish to dramatically raise their bid without the need for constantly clicking the BID NOW button.

Auto Bid

The Auto Bid feature is also available during the Live Streamed Auction. Simple enter the Maximum Amount you wish to bid to in the Auto Bid option below the Bid Ticker. The system will bid against other bidders up to the Maximum Amount.

If multiple auto bids are placed for the same amount, bids are accepted in the same order in which the auto bids were originally placed.  


Note: If you are the Winning Bidder on an item during the auction you will be prompted to enter a credit card to be used to secure the indicated deposit and auction fee. Once you have placed your deposit we will send you an email with instructions on completing full payment directly to Seller and arranging for shipping/pick up of your item.

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For Bidders: Bidders’ Fees


Our bidders’ fees are among the lowest in the entire online auction industry. Here they are.

Art & Collectibles
Buyer's Premium: 10% of the Hammer Price (unless indicated otherwise).

When you win most items in Art & Collectibles, your credit card will be automatically charged the Buyer’s Premium + item deposit. The deposit varies from item to item and is specified on each item page. Some higher value items may require use of an escrow account and will be specified on the item page in advance. If you don’t win an item, your credit card will not be charged.


  • Listing Fee: $0

  • 2% Seller Success Fee

  • Cars: 2% Buyer's Premium or $300, whichever is greater. 

    • All other vehicles: 3% Buyer's Premium 

Are you a high-value seller, looking to sell more than 5 vehicles? Please email us at for special pricing.

Real Estate

Residential or Commercial Properties
Buyer's Premium: 2%
When you win an item, the Buyer’s Premium will be collected and placed in an escrow account.


There are no Buyer's Premium or Processing Fees for items won in our Charity Fundraiser auctions.


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