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WHEN WE STARTED was founded in 2013, and held its first auction in the fall of 2014.



BNO was created as a solution to a geographical problem: Live auctions occur all over the world, but getting to them is usually a costly and time-consuming proposition. The simple thought was – what if bidders could experience all the advantages of a traditional brick-and-mortar auction without having to leave their homes? By recreating the pulse-pounding experience of a live auction online, BNO makes that happen – all in a transparent, trustworthy and ethical format. As a result, bidders all over the world can now bid with 100% confidence, all from the comfort of their homes.



At BNO, we believe in assembling the right team of experienced, passionate and committed professionals to deliver our vision. Learn more about us here.







Show Your Support for Gun-Free Commerce

A Message From Our Founder, Nick Nassiri:

"As the founder of the world’s first live streamed online auction company, Bid Network Online (, I am a staunch advocate of gun control. To champion gun control efforts, we developed the Gun-Free Pledge and accompanying Gun-Free Seal so that websites, including, could distinguish themselves as businesses and organizations not selling or promoting guns online.
"As one small step to a more peaceful and humane world, all like-minded businesses are invited to take the Gun-Free Pledge and download and display the Gun-Free Seal. All businesses that join myself and in this pledge will be listed on this website with links to their websites. Thank you in advance for taking this small step toward a more gun-free world."


Show your support for Gun-Free Commerce. Take the pledge today here and download and display the Gun-Free Seal on your website.



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We're proud of our out-of-the-box thinking.

Oh, sure, you could buy from or sell to any old online or brick and mortar auction. But our research (and gut feelings) tell us you’d welcome an auction that was new, exciting, and different. And by different we mean, of course, better. How are we new, exciting, different, and better? We thought you’d never ask. You can get the full story on our About Us page. But for now, allow us to offer you ten reasons that back up our claims. Do we expect you to simply take our word for it? No way! In fact, we’d greatly prefer that you find out for yourselves. So, after reading our differences below, and checking out our About Us page, create a free account. Then, you can RSVP for one of our upcoming auctions. Or, contact us with something you’d like to offer for sale. We’re confident you’ll thank yourself—and us—for doing so.

  • A unique, new auction website where a professional auctioneer hosts a live entertaining auction streamed online in real time.
  • You retain possession: BNO does not take possession of your auction items; you retain possession until items are sold.
  • An exceptional user experience, combining the exciting feel of being immersed in a live, brick and mortar auction, with a user-friendly bidding platform, and proprietary features for pro-bidders.
  • Charity auction fundraisers that increase donors and give back to community.
  • Value-driven:  We are value-driven, providing high-end service at low prices. Our bidder premiums are lower than other auction houses and sites.
  • Live interaction between auctioneer and bidder including full bidder control with minimal role of auction house (BNO) as middle man.
  • A world market: No geographic limitations – Bidders and sellers connect from all over the world. All currency denominations shown in U.S. dollars.
  • Anonymity, confidentiality, privacy:  Flexible and reliable software provides you with levels of anonymity, confidentiality and privacy that produces the trust that makes selling (and bidding) on BNO comfortable and stress-free.
  • Entertaining: Auction is presented in an entertaining format, which allows BNO to insert short comedic and other entertaining content to enhance the user experience.
  • Patents & trademarks:  Our suite of intellectual property includes two U.S. patents and several pending, and numerous trademarks.


Subscribe to our newsletter to receive news, updates, free stuff and auctions alerts by email. We don’t do spam.


Our Corporate Team

At BNO we believe in assembling the right team to deliver our vision. This is the team working on changing the game.

Nick Nassiri | Founder, President & CEO

Nick is the mind behind the creation of BNO. He is a seasoned entrepreneur with diverse experiences in the fields of e-commerce related to the apparel & footwear industries, including...

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Barr Potter | Chief Administrative Officer

Barr Potter is an entrepreneur at heart, as well as a highly skilled businessman with a legal, creative and artistic background. He has had over 37 years of experience in the entertainment business, serving in...

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Sean Montgomery | COO

Sean Montgomery currently oversees daily operations, strategy, business development and auctions for Bid Network Online. Prior to joining BNO Sean started and sold his own Real Estate Auction company to

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Adam Wolfe | Director of Sales, Cars

Bianca Sinishtaj | Auction Curator - Art & Collectibles

Brendan Gill | Vice President of Marketing

Dan Podesta | Graphic Designer

Dayana Acevedo | Graphic Designer

Eli Perez | Broadcast Operator

Mark Miller | Creative Director

Matt Durongkadej | Production Manager

Tiffany Thompson | Finance

Yolanda Villegas | Auction Coordinator

Vihang Walve,

Vihang Walve | Lead Editor

Our Auctioneers

Accomplished sales and presentation experts with knowledge, enthusiasm and personality to spare

Mark Schustrin | Lead Auctioneer

Brian Robinson | Creations Auctioneer

Joe Bohn | Autobahn Auctioneer

Jillian Fratkin | Real Estate Auctioneer

Saul Escudero | Charity Auctioneer

Kent Parajon | Auctioneer

Join Us

Interested in changing the way the world looks at auctions? Join us! 
We're constantly looking for motivated, energetic and enthusiastic individuals to join our team.

To be considered, please email your resume and cover letter to

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