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Bid Network Online's Auto Buyers Guarantee

With Bid Network Online’s Auto Buyers Guarantee, Buyers will have up to 14 days from the date of auction to view, test drive, and inspect the vehicle. If you cannot see the vehicle in person, we recommend Road Ready Inspections to inspect and photograph the vehicle for you.

The buyer will have 48 hours from the close of auction to complete payment of the item’s deposit BNO’s processing fee. Once these two fees have been paid in full, the buyer will receive a Winning Bidder’s Certificate that states the location of the vehicle, confirmation of the winning bid, and the seller’s contact information.

In the event that the vehicle description does not match the vehicle, the buyer is under no obligation to complete the purchase.  The buyer will receive a full refund of the processing fee and the deposit paid to BNO.com if the sale is not completed for one of the following reasons:

  • The vehicle cannot pass a safety inspection.

  • The vehicle has an undisclosed or unknown lien against its title.

  • The vehicle make, model or year is different than what was described in the seller’s listing at the buyer placed a bid.

  • The buyer did not receive a title from the seller and it’s not possible to obtain a title from the appropriate DMV.

  • The vehicle has a title with an undisclosed brand at the time of the end of the listing and the title brand is salvage, rebuilt/rebuildable, unrebuildable, reconstructed, scrapped/destroyed, junk, lemon, manufacturer buyback or water damage.

Please email support@bno.com with any questions you have.



About Cars

Cars focuses Specifically on the following categories of motorized transportation

  • Classic and Exotics

  • Cars Trucks and Suv’s

  • Boats Planes and RVs

  • Motorcycle and power sports



Pricing and Fees

  • Buyer’s Premium for Cars is $100.

  • Deposit (For Buyers)

  1. $200 (under$250,000)

  2. $1000-$5000 (Above $250,000)

  • Listing Fee (For Sellers) $150-$175




Completing Sale

Once you have won a vehicle in a BNO.com auction, you will be prompted and asked to pay the Deposit and Processing fee. Once this has been done, BNO.com will connect you directly to the seller so you can arrange for pick up/delivery options and make final arrangements for payment of the purchase price. (Less the Deposit)



Shipping and handling

Buyers are responsible for picking up their purchased vehicles directly from the sellers. For this reason, all of our Auctions are specific and we list the location of each vehicle within its description.

Each vehicle’s page also includes any shipping and handling information received from the seller. Since Shipping and Handling cost are not included in the purchase price, these amounts are billed by the seller as additional cost.

Bidders are encouraged to contact us at Support@bno.com to inquire about Specific Shipping requirements before participating in an auction.



Condition of Vehicle

BNO.com Will provide you with all the information and reports given to us by the sellers, including Carfax reports, valuations and other certificates when available. We recommend all buyers do their own due diligence by using the vehicle’s identification number (VIN) to research vehicles they are interested in purchasing








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