Corporate Team: Eli Perez

Eli Perez | Broadcast Operator

Eli Perez works with BNO’s broadcasting team as an IT assistant. A life-long resident of Los Angeles, he has travelled to Arizona, Nevada and Nicaragua, where his parents were born. Both parents are pastors and raised Eli in a Christian environment. Eli is extremely tech-savvy and loves working with his hands. His background includes work at a carpet cleaning supply store, and cleaning in general.  Eli attended Alexander Hamilton High School and received a Technical Certificate in Computer Science from United Educational Institute and a B.A. degree in Computer Science from El Camino College. He is currently working toward an M.A. degree in Computer Science from Cal State Long Beach. After college, Eli started his own cleaning company. As for hobbies and interests, he has his own worship team at church. He also loves sports, particularly playing soccer, basketball, football, and baseball.  Eli also enjoys playing FIFA 16 on his Xbox One. He and his friends hold tournaments to see who’s crowned the new FIFA champ. He has yet to win the champion title, but hopes to soon. Eli says “I’m here to help BNO grow as a group and help it be as successful as it can be.”

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