Corporate Team: Nick Nassiri

Nick Nassiri | Founder, President & CEO

Nick is the mind behind the creation of BNO. He is a seasoned entrepreneur with diverse experiences in the fields of e-commerce related to the apparel & footwear industries, including wholesale sourcing product lines and a host of other services. He has been a commercial real estate broker for well over 37 years, and is still active and passionate about all areas of the industry.

Nick is a veteran participant of auctions. He has bought and sold a countless number of items such as cars, vessels, collectible art and real property. The confluence of all his business experiences, along with a sincere desire to replicate the real live pulse- pounding excitement of a brick & mortar auction, has led to the development of BNO. BNO has been in the making since 2000 when the first patent application was filed. Nick’s goals in online auctions are transparency, exciting user experiences, and a great value proposition for all. 

Nick is quite humble and calls himself an “almost native” son of Los Angeles. He is a world-class surfer... vicariously... but needs to learn to swim first. So, until then... Hawaiian shirts for everyone!

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