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The Rhoda Goetz Foundation Online Auction Fundraiser

On June 17, 2017, at 12 pm (noon PDT), BNO will proudly present an online auction to raise funds for the benefit of The Rhoda Goetz Foundation for Multiple Sclerosis, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 2005 by her son, Kevin Goetz (see bio below). Through its first-of-its-kind Rhoda Goetz Personal Care Program, the Foundation’s mission is to help people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) maintain healthy personal care practices and support quality of life, self-esteem and in-home emergency care.


The Program provides one-on-one personal care services for both men and women including hair, skin, nail care and massage; customized self-care assessment/evaluation and coaching; and educational wellness and lifestyle programs. These services help MS sufferers boost confidence, retain independence, regain control over personal care and give a sense of empowerment over physical changes due to their illness. The Program was designed for individuals living with MS who could not otherwise afford or manage their personal care due to mobility issues, difficulties with transportation and financial limitations. Since its inception, the Personal Care Program has gained momentum in cities across California and continues to grow. By using this as a prototype, Kevin(see bio below) hopes to someday see the Rhoda Goetz Personal Care Program across the country.


BNO is delighted to offer at auction a tantalizing selection of works to benefit this worthy charity. Supporters of the charity can bid on travel packages and experiences, sports memorabilia, art & collectibles, and more.


BNO will donate $1 to The Rhoda Goetz Foundation on your behalf if you register for free this week to become a BNO subscriber.  To register, simply click on the LOGIN/CREATE ACCOUNT link at the top of the BNO website.






In the span of three decades, Kevin Goetz has carved out a name for himself in the world of entertainment market research. Through his unique interpretation of consumer behavior and his in-depth understanding of the myriad moving parts of the media landscape, Kevin consistently assists his clients in maximizing profits while mitigating risk. Mr. Goetz, who began his career at NRG (now Nielsen), before serving as President of the Worldwide Motion Picture Group at OTX, has the ear of, and is often consulted by, nearly every major studio and network head, independent film and television executive, producer, and director in Hollywood. The Los Angeles Times dubbed Kevin "The Doctor of Audience-ology" and named him one of the 100 most powerful and influential people in Southern California. In early 2010, Goetz founded Screen Engine, a cutting-edge research and marketing information firm specializing in servicing the various screens of media (including movies, TV, computers and mobile). In August 2014, he acquired ASI Entertainment, a company over 50 years old that is credited with advancing the use of dial research for television, advertising, politics and mock juries. Through Kevin’s expertise in his current position as CEO of Screen Engine/ASI, he is often quoted in the national and international press and is a frequent guest speaker on the complexities facing the entertainment industry today.



Charity is BNO’s most treasured category of Auctions that allows us to give back.
With BNO's live streaming interactive auction platform, charities can now expand fundraising efforts throughout the year with the potential for worldwide participation (and giving).

Whether it’s one auction or a series of regularly scheduled auctions, the BNO auction platform can be utilized at no cost to a charity. This feature dramatically increases the pool of auction participants and, consequently, the amount of funds raised. Our experienced, dynamic auctioneers will also professionally manage the auction portion of each fundraiser event, and in the process, maximize the amount of funds raised for the charity. A miracle, you say? Please, we’re way too humble to accept your compliment!
Benefits of a BNO charity auction:

  • LIVE broadcast your auction online so that supporters worldwide can participate and give.
  • Easily increase the number of auction participants by bringing your auction online. No worrying about your auction hall’s maximum occupancy limits!
  • Our professional auctioneers are ready to work for you, but if you have your own auctioneer, let us know and we can arrange to use him or her for your auction.
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