Agriculture And Heavy Machinery | January 19, 2017 at 12:00 PM PST (#U3)


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Auction ID: #U3

Auction Date: 01/19/2017
Auction Time: 12:00 PM PST

# of Items: 38

About this auction

You are invited to BNO’s very special auction of Agriculture and Heavy Machinery.

Pressure to reduce input costs for farm and trucking products has led to an active market of quality used agriculture and heavy machinery. Small farming operations might find numerous advantages in buying used equipment. These advantages include:

·         If the owner wishes to maintain control over certain equipment operations but finds that new equipment is not economically efficient. 

  • Good back up machines – used equipment that may have high hours but a low price makes a good option for keeping on the farm as back up equipment to eliminate downtime or to speed up plant or harvest.

·         Used equipment can also be used for less-critical and/or low annual usage tasks.

·         You might also consider buying used equipment when starting a new farming venture. It would not be unusual for the lending institution to specify used equipment.

·         Typically, lower cost – You can obtain low hours models for less than new pricing – many farmers will run equipment for a year and trade that equipment in. That creates the opportunity for you to come in a get that almost new equipment for a better price.

·         Seasonally used equipment that may be needed twice a year – equipment that you use enough to eliminate the option of renting, but it’s not used enough to need to be new, used equipment is a good option where you can pay less money for needed equipment.

·         If you don’t need the latest technology and data monitoring, used equipment is the better option. Unpredictable weather and market – farmers are incredibly reliant on the weather to cooperate and the markets to perform. Having a lot of money tied up in equipment can be very daunting, so for some looking at adding to the fleet, going the used equipment route is the better option.



Processing Fee: 2%-3% per vehicle
Buyer's Deposit: 2%-3% per vehicle
The deposit will be held by BNO and credited to the seller on completion of sale. 

Payment, Shipping & Handling: The winning bidder is responsible for arranging full payment based on the winning bid price (less deposit) to the seller. BNO will provide the winning bidder with an Auction Sale Certificate that will provide seller contact and transaction information. The winning bidder will also be responsible for arranging pick-up or shipment of item as needed. Please make sure to check each item's location before bidding.


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