"USA Flag" (2013) Acrylic on canvas

by Danny Byl

Artist/Maker: Danny Byl
Title: "USA Flag"
Year Created: 2013
Medium / Materials: Acrylic on Canvas
Framed or Unframed: Unframed
 Winning Bidder Deposit: $200

Dimensions (H x W x D): 48"H x 60"W
Style/Period: Art: Contemporary
Rarity/Quantity Available: 1
Signed: Yes
Reserve Present: Yes

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"For all the Glory" is a 4ft(h) x 5ft(w) acrylic on canvas painting by Danny Byl . It is unframed, mounted on stretcher bars. I am the artist.


In 1996, I gave up my dental career for art passion. Dreams do come true! Enjoy "For all the Glory"!

Here is a close-up.



Bio of Artist / Maker:


I graduated from the University of Michigan Dental School in 1983. I started my first practice in a small town in Michigan called Potterville. While I loved practicing dentistry I found myself looking for something else. For what ever reason dentistry did not fulfill my career goals. I tried many different business ventures from real estate, dental practice management, and even a limousine company.

In 1989 while walking in a mall with my family, we passed an art store. I casually went in it and bought some oil paints and canvas. When I painted my first painting, (which is on eBay in my store) I knew I wanted to be an artist. So for the next 6 years I kept painting and painting, never telling anyone of my desire.

In 1995, when I had my basement piled high with paintings, I finally told my wife that I wanted to be an artist and open an art gallery. Since she is smarter than me, apparently she already had it figured out and said that was fine as long as we could move south. (Obviously, she had some other things to say, but I cannot repeat those here!)

So we went south, first to Florida then Georgia. We felt Atlanta would be the best option, so I found a space in Roswell GA and opened a gallery.

Before this moment, I had never sold a painting, (though I did give my share away). Amazingly, I sold my first painting within the first week, and while I have had my ups and downs, I have consistently sold paintings since then.

When first starting in the art business, I naturally visited every art gallery around, each I was sure would love to display my paintings. Boy, was I surprised! I realized early that art galleries really have no interest in selling contemporary art. Instead, they sell these overpriced prints by all the artist that basically are dead. How really boring is that!

So in spring of 2000, people kept telling me to try eBay. I thought how could anyone buy a painting on the internet? How could a computer screen relay how large and colorful my paintings are. Boy, was I surprised!

So, here I am, an eBay artist! My art is all over the world, and in almost every state. Who would have thought this in 1995 when I told my wife, I wanted to be an artist!

So, why should you buy a painting from me?

The number one reason is that you like the painting. I am sure if you hold onto them until I am dead, people will be making prints of them and sell them in those rip-off galleries. Probably be worth millions then.

Anyway, thought you might like to hear about my art adventure. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thanks for your interest! Dan.

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Financing options available: No

Shipping Options: International Shipping Available, FedEx, UPS

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