"Robe du Soir" (2005) Seriolithograph

by Linda Le Kinff

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Artist/Maker: Linda Le Kinff
Title: "Robe du Soir"
Year Created: 2005
Medium / Materials: Seriolithograph
Framed or Unframed: Framed
 Winning Bidder Deposit: 10%

Dimensions (H x W x D): 30"H x 24"W
Style/Period: Art: Expressionism / Fauvism
Rarity/Quantity Available: 1
Signed: Yes
Reserve Present: Yes

More about this item:

Perhaps it is her wildly colorful style or the exaggerated use of glowing women and hidden cats or maybe it has something to do with the tranquility of her work that connects with the “common man” — certainly an artist of the people. If one were to examine the numerous reviews of Le Kinff, two words keep popping up no matter the critic: ” bold” and “vibrant.”

Although Linda’s mother was from Brazil, Le Kinff was born in Paris, 1949, as her father was French. She began her art studies in earnest during the 1960s in the tradition of the “School of Paris” which included the techniques and styles of Henri Matisse, Georges Braque, Amedeo Modigliani, Marie Lourencin, Juan Gris, Pablo Picasso, Raoul Dufy, Andre Derain, Maurice Utrillo.  This process of formal and self education took her to, among other destinations, Italy, where she studied Renaissance and Baroque Period masters, as well as ancient and contemporaries in India, Tibet, Mexico, Morocco, Japan.

As she gained world exposure, her works began to be displayed throughout Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, North America, Asia, and North Africa. She mastered and achieved full expression of all artistic technology- a feat not easily accomplished even by the most skillful or talented of artists.

Seriolithograph in color on wove paper

Accompanied by Certificate of Appraisal and      Certificate of Authenticity


Bio of Artist / Maker:

Linda Le Kinff was born in Paris from French and Brazilian parents. She started her career as a painter at the age of 20. In the 1970`s she traveled to India, Tibet, Mexico and Italy.

Le Kinff lived and worked in Italy for twelve years learning the ancient techniques of tempera, egg painting and the gold leaf method taught by masters in Florence and Livorno. She also served an apprenticeship in wood engraving, copper engraving, and excelled in learning the modern techniques of acrylic and airbrush painting.

In Paris in 1975 she learned lithography, meeting the artists, Brayer, Corneille and Lapique. In 1976 she met Okamoto Taro, the Japanese Picasso, who introduced her to the sand and sumi technique. In 1981 she spent six months in Morocco where she worked with Chabia, the poetess of the naive abstraction movement. She returned to school in south Tyrol where she became interested in painted, polished and varnished woodwork, using a special material made of casein. She applied it to her paintings and continues to use this technique today but still keeps the traditional approach of painting in acrylic on canvas, as well. She began to create serigraphs in the mid 1980`s and uses this technique exclusively in the creation of her original graphic works. She also creates hand- embellished versions of her serigraphs on canvas and wood, and spends countless hours re- visiting each example to extract new artistic possibilities from every individual image.

Le Kinff also expresses herself through watercolors or, more precisely, a mixing of greasy pastels, ink and watercolor. Recently she began to use collage. She works without a model and her inspiration comes from travel, her dreams, reading and her imagination.

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