"Desire" (2017) Hand Colored C-print

by Hossam Dirar

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Artist/Maker: Hossam Dirar
Title: "Desire"
Year Created: 2017
Medium / Materials: Hand Colored C-print
Framed or Unframed: Unframed
 Winning Bidder Deposit: 10%

Dimensions (H x W x D): 19.7"H x 17.7"W
Style/Period: Photography
Rarity/Quantity Available: 7/7
Signed: Yes
Reserve Present: Yes

More about this item:

Hand coloured acrylic , ink, on photography paper with uv varnish (C-print)

Edition 7/7


Bio of Artist / Maker:

Hossam Dirar is an Egyptian contemporary artist based in Cairo. Dirar works with paint, video, sound and installations to explore socio-economic and political ideas and delve into issues of gender and cultural identity. Dirar’s art integrates historic and cultural symbols and motifs with modern life to compare and comment on events unfolding around him in the Arab World. Dirar’s painting takes a
refined and classic approach, employing oil paint in expressive strokes and warm colors to depict women in all their feminine power.
With sound, Dirar mixes industrial and electronic noise with the music of traditional Middle Eastern instruments. With all mediums, Dirar’s word finds the links between humans, regardless of their differences of nationality, ethnicity, race or gender. His art clarifies and focuses shared ideas and human aspirations.

Payment methods accepted: Cash, Credit Card

Financing options available: No

Shipping Options: International Shipping Available, FedEx, UPS, USPS, 3rd party shipping company, Pick up directly from seller, Contact seller to make special shipping arrangements

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