"Nude on Blue Background" (1970) Oil on Canvas

by Roland Delcol

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Artist/Maker: Roland Delcol
Title: "Nude on Blue Background"
Year Created: 1970
Medium / Materials: Oil on canvas
Framed or Unframed: Unframed
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Dimensions (H x W x D): 31"H x 24"W
Style/Period: Art: Photorealism
Rarity/Quantity Available: Original
Reserve Present: Yes

More about this item:

In Delcol`s hyperrealistically painted collages, surrealism meets pop art, Botticelli's  Venus meets Picasso's Minotaur, Whistler's Mother meets Walt Disney, and the Nude Woman meets the Man with the Hat.

The metaphorical worlds of his characters unite various times and places, customs and taboos. In 1982 Delcol's longtime friend, Belgian surrealist, poet and author Louis Scutenaire, penned a book about the artist's works entitled “La chanson de Roland”. Scutenaire considers Delcol's works to be comparable with those of the great Belgian visionary René Magritte, about whom he has also written a biography. The author of Delcol's 2005 monograph “Roland Delcol: Ou l'objet de désir et de métaphore”, author, art historian and collector Axel Hinrich Murken, declared the artist one of the most original and remarkable representatives of hyperrealism and today's postmodern pluralism. 
Delcol's works lack names. Each of them carries the title “Sans paroles” ¬- “Untitled”. The author himself explains this by referencing 20th century silent films, where we see all the action but must think up the explanations and connections on our own. “The viewer must create his own title for each work!” he explains. His works are also undated; he feels their date of completion is irrelevant. “Everything is contained in everything else, everything depends on everything else, the series of cause and effect is endless - but it contains stops and diversions,” says Delcol, expounding on the metaphysics of his work. “The first and most noticeable things are never the last or most definitive. My works lack references to time.” Sans paroles, sans temps. 



Bio of Artist / Maker:

Roland Delcol, born 1942 in Brussels, Belgium. 1960-63 attended Free University of Brussels. 1963-71 attended Saint-Gilles Arts Academy in Brussels. Roland Delcol has been developing his skills attending academic drawing, litography and ceramics classes over the following years. 
Roland Delcol`s first gallery exhibition was at Galerie Isy Brachot in Brussels (1969). Galerie Isy Brachot also organized several of his ehibitions until 1977. Delcol`s art has been exhibited by galleries in Milan, Paris, Jerusalem, Amsterdam, Florence, Deauville, New York, as well as by Horta Museum in Brussels (1982), Vanderbilt University in Nashville (2005), Wiesbaden Museum of Modern Art (2008), Ixelles Museum in Brussels (2012). His exhibition was presented in Sain-Gilles, Brussels in 2014. Delcol`s art has been included in major multinational exhibitions in Basel, Düsseldorf, Cologne and Paris, as well as in „Phantastische Welten, Vom Surrealismus zum Neosymbolismus“ by curator Axel Murken, which travelled all German contemporary arts museums from 2009 to 2012.
Roland Delcol`s art can be found in collections of Royal Contemporary Art Museum in Brussels, Ixelles Museum in Brussels, Liege Museum of New and Contemporay Art and in numerous private collections.


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