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You are invited to BNO’s very special auction of Agriculture and Heavy Machinery.

Pressure to reduce input costs for farm and trucking products has led to an active market of quality used agriculture and heavy machinery. Small farming operations might find numerous advantages in buying used equipment. These advantages include:

·         If the owner wishes to maintain control over certain equipment operations but finds that new equipment is not economically efficient. 

  • Good back up machines – used equipment that may have high hours but a low price makes a good option for keeping on the farm as back up equipment to eliminate downtime or to speed up plant or harvest.

·         Used equipment can also be used for less-critical and/or low annual usage tasks.

·         You might also consider buying used equipment when starting a new farming venture. It would not be unusual for the lending institution to specify used equipment.

·         Typically, lower cost – You can obtain low hours models for less than new pricing – many farmers will run equipment for a year and trade that equipment in. That creates the opportunity for you to come in a get that almost new equipment for a better price.

·         Seasonally used equipment that may be needed twice a year – equipment that you use enough to eliminate the option of renting, but it’s not used enough to need to be new, used equipment is a good option where you can pay less money for needed equipment.

·         If you don’t need the latest technology and data monitoring, used equipment is the better option. Unpredictable weather and market – farmers are incredibly reliant on the weather to cooperate and the markets to perform. Having a lot of money tied up in equipment can be very daunting, so for some looking at adding to the fleet, going the used equipment route is the better option.



Processing Fee: 2%-3% per vehicle
Buyer's Deposit: 2%-3% per vehicle
The deposit will be held by BNO and credited to the seller on completion of sale. 

Payment, Shipping & Handling: The winning bidder is responsible for arranging full payment based on the winning bid price (less deposit) to the seller. BNO will provide the winning bidder with an Auction Sale Certificate that will provide seller contact and transaction information. The winning bidder will also be responsible for arranging pick-up or shipment of item as needed. Please make sure to check each item's location before bidding.

 “To paint is to know how to put nothing on canvas, and have it look like something when you stand back.”      

-Robert Henri

Artworks on canvas are coveted because they are original works that are one of a kind: original paintings, drawings, graphics and more. Why the high price? To draw a parallel to the literary world, imagine if J.K. Rowling could sell only one copy of the Harry Potter series — how much do you think that would be worth? An artist can profit only once from the sale of an original work, such as a painting on canvas; then it's gone. Even if the work grows in value over time, it is the collector who profits. If you understand that, it makes sense for original pieces to have a higher price than prints or reproductions. 

In our "Works on Canvas" auction, we present an array of original artwork from emerging and established artists that suit any budget. Whether you're a new or seasoned collector, owning an original piece of art is the closest to an investment as art can get, and in today's age of digital printing, even more rare and appreciated. Happy collecting!

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Featuring: Two Tickets - Super Bowl 2017!

When Mark McGwire’s 70th-home-run-baseball goes for $3 million at auction and Honus Wagner’s baseball card from 1909 gets $2.8 million, you can bet that sports memorabilia is one of the hottest areas of collecting around. Not all items, of course, go for such out-of-the-ballpark prices, making this an appealing and accessible arena for many sports aficionados.

Our featured item in this auction is the ultimate sports lover’s dream offering: two tickets to Super Bowl 2017! Bidding started at just $1 and the prize package includes:

  • Four Night Hotel Accommodations in Houston. (Double Occupancy) *Subject to Availability

  • Two Upper Level End Zone Tickets

  • Round-Trip Game Tailgate Party Transfers

  • Stadium Tailgate Party

Also offered in our Sports Lovers Collectibles Auction are items from Bruce Sulzberg and Muhammad Ali, as well as other appealing sports collectibles.

Innovation and art come together in Bruce Sulzberg’s Three-Dimensional Art on Glass. Sulzberg has created a unique style that gives life to the concept of viewing a painting in layers as opposed to one flat image. This medium breathes life, motion and depth into his work that cannot be captured on canvas or paper. One of Sulzberg’s specialties is the world of the sports hero, where a moment in time can be immortalized through the motions of a paint brush.

Included in this auction are Sulzberg’s:

  • 3D painting of Major League baseball slugger Prince Fielder, first baseman and designated hitter for the Texas Rangers (who just announced his retirement after 12 amazing years).

  • Limited edition hand-pulled serigraph acrylic-on-acrylic 3-dimensional painting of Rafael Nadal playing at the 2014 French Open tournament, personally signed by Rafael Nadal and the artist Bruce Sulzberg.

Muhammad Ali is one of the most exciting and controversial athletes of all time and is considered among the greatest heavyweights in the sport's history. At a time when most fighters let their managers do the talking, Ali thrived in—and indeed craved—the spotlight, where he was often provocative and outlandish. He was known for trash talking, and often freestyled with rhyme schemes and spoken word poetry, both for his trash talking in boxing and as political poetry for his activism, anticipating elements of rap and hip hop music. A controversial and polarizing figure during his early career, Ali is now highly regarded for the skills he displayed in the ring plus the values he exemplified outside of it: religious freedom, racial justice and the triumph of principle over expedience.

Included in this auction are:

  • Muhammed Ali Hand-Signed Boxing Gloves in Glass Case

  • “Muhammad Ali Athlete of the Century” painting by iconic painter Leroy Neiman. The undisputed champion of the art of sports pays homage to Muhammad Ali.

Sports fans will find a treasure trove of collectible delights in our knockout of an auction. We proudly present a number of unique and rare items from the exciting worlds of boxing, baseball, tennis, football and basketball, featuring items from Bruce Sulzberg and Muhammad Ali, guaranteed to enhance your home, office man cave or woman cave. Whether you’re bidding for these as a gift, an investment, or simply for your own aesthetic pleasure, take advantage, because once these limited-edition collectibles are gone, they’re going once, going twice, gone!


"My job is art curator, not artist. All I have ever wanted to do is immerse myself in art, to enjoy it, to learn about it, to write about it, to talk to others about it."

-Hans-Ulrich Obrist

In the past two years, BNO has presented a plethora of Fine Art auctions, including International Abstract, Post-War & Contemporary, Abstract Expressionism, Modern & Pop, Surrealism and Photorealism, among many others – all selected and presented by BNO’s Fine Art Curator, Bianca Sinishtaj.

We started to wonder what an auction might be like if its only theme was some of her favorite works from the carefully selected inventory gathered over this time. Besides having a passion for art and art history, Bianca specializes in the business side of art, from gallery management to market valuation and museum administration. Her experience ranges from working with major auction houses like Christie’s, to representing new artists with original voices. This auction is a collection of both the best names in Fine Art and the artists to follow in 2017.

BNO is delighted to invite you to our Curator’s Picks auction, consisting of a carefully curated mix of distinguished, world-class artists as well as a number of promising emerging artists from around the world.

Acclaimed artists represented in this auction are: Istvan Bernath, Tamara de Lempicka, Von Allen, Salvador Dali, Christopher Cuseo, Fernand Leger, Wassily Kandinsky, Pablo Picasso, Itzchak Tarkay, Norman Rockwell, Marcel Mouly, Linda Kniff, Karel Appel, Caroline Vis, Ansel Adams, Victor Vasarely, DEATH NYC, Andy Warhol, Tom Wesselmann, Bahram Hajou, Brian Cattelle, Eduardo Chillida, Harun Mehmedinovic, Genevieve Claisse, Corneille, Mark Kostabi, Henk van der Leeden , Monique Lai, Nana Tchitchoua, Nicholaes Eliasz Pickenoy, Alex Echo, Roberto Burle Marx, Roland Delcol, Simon Marouf, Shepard Fairey, Karl Clinger, Gabriella, Parisi, Jill Joy, Lony Wing, and FRE$HPAINT.

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At BNO, we’re as passionate as you are about classic and collector cars of all makes and eras. You’ll find American classics, European sports cars, Detroit muscle, hot rods, custom, and much more. Nothing gives us more pleasure than helping classic car enthusiasts buy and sell their dream cars.

So, whether you’re looking for your first classic car or your fiftieth, make BNO your search destination. And if you’re ready to find a new home for your automotive pride and joy, consider BNO as your classic car placement specialist.

Before our classic car auctions begin, feel free to browse through our vehicle listings quickly and effortlessly. We pride ourselves on conducting our business with honesty, integrity and transparency, providing personalized and professional service in all areas of the bidding or selling auction process. We look forward to your joining us for our next BNO classic car auction—or contacting us if you’re ready to consign a vehicle.

Processing Fee: 2% per vehicle
Buyer's Deposit: $500 per vehicle
The deposit will be held by BNO and credited to the seller on completion of sale. 

Payment, Shipping & Handling: The winning bidder is responsible for arranging full payment based on the winning bid price (less deposit) to the seller. BNO will provide the winning bidder with an Auction Sale Certificate that will provide seller contact and transaction information. The winning bidder will also be responsible for arranging pick-up or shipment of item as needed. Please make sure to check each item's location before bidding.

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