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Welcome to BNO the Bid Network Online! where you can get caught up in the excitement of a live auction run by live auctioneer. Excitement as real as if you were there yourself.

How To List An Item

This video contains step by step on how to best list an item and what options you have when listing your item.

How To Browse Items

This short tutorial will show you different ways to easily browse through the site and find the type of item you are looking for.

How to Register & Un-register for an Auction

In this tutorial, we will briefly show you how to register for an auction or for some reason would like to not be a part of an auction, simply be able to un-resgister as well. 

How to Use Pro-Auction Tools

This tutorial will show you how to turn on your pro auction tools and how each one works.

How A Seller Can Interact During an Auction?

This tutorial will briefly go over the role of the seller's chat box and how the seller can be involved during the auction of their listed item. 

How To Edit An Item & View Past Items?

This tutorial will demonstrate how to edit an item that has not been approved or assigned to an auction and how to view past listed items.

How to Increase Your Balance & View Past Transactions

This tutorial will briefly go over how to increase your balance in your MyBNO to use for different transactions on the site and how to view past transactions as well.

How To Submit A Support Request

This tutorial will show how to use the Resolution Center in MyBNO and what the role of a support ticket is.

How To Create & Verify An Account

This tutorial will demonstrate how to make an account and how to verify the account as well as set up all the information needed. 

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